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Bloodstain in coffin

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it all started back in the early 90's 94-95 i think. well i started with a piece of shit guitar. and discovered i wanted to do more than play guitar like every other burn out metal head i met
i got into ministry after metal started sounding the same.then my taste in music got darker
i got into alot of industrial and found out thats the music i wanna make. so 1000 tape recorders, tapes, and keyboards later i got better equipment. i joined forces with good friends of mine to form 'two minute hate' a super low tek industrial project. we made 2 songs and experimented more with drugs and alcohol rather than music. then i later joined societies disease. a local punk band, some how i got fired or quit i forget.
well years later after writing songs and experimenting with audio i found a rotten bastard as strange as me and we've keep it evil, ever since day 1.
Equipment currently abused by Bloodstain: Toshiba Laptop, Boss DR5 drum machine, Yamaha PSR270 keyboard, B.C. Rich Warlock Tribal guitar, B.C. Rich Bronze widow warlock guitar, Ibanez Iceman guitar, Pink Fender Hello Kitty guitar, Peavey International bass guitar, Genesis 1 effects processor, DOD effects processor, Behringer mixer, DOD graphic equalizer, Korg EA1 Electribe Analog Tweak Box synthesizer, Yamaha synthesizer, Boss 303 sampler, D'addario guitar strings, Ibanez distortion pedal, Ernie Ball super slinky bass strings, A Korg Trinity (for one day), Darkstar Synthesizer, Yamaha Sequencer, Tascam Digital 8-track recorder and a Sony minicassette recorder.
Nirvana, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Sisters of Mercy, and of course Ministry!

Bloodstain Prototype made on November 28th, 1980
Manufactured in Sacramento California

Favorite movies:
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series (especially part 2), Tetsuo: The Iron Man, American Psycho, Akira, Escape from New York, Robo Cop, 60% of Troma movies and the Hellraiser series.