The Bloodline

This is the history and origins of a musical massacre....
"I started off with a piece of shit guitar, a $50 classical acoustic, then after a year I got a light blue Peavey Raptor and a 40 watt Peavey amp with money I saved from my 15th birthday. But I was never into guitar-I liked feedback, heavy muting, and strange sounds. I always hated learning chords because I never was that coordinated. I guess Nirvana had the biggest influence on me when I was young. Then I heard Ministry and I had a whole new look on life and music! I got into death metal in Jr. High; shit like Slayer, Deicide, Brujeria, Napalm Death and Sepultura. It all started to sound the same after years of listening to it, then I discovered the Goth/Industrial section at Tower Records and remembered hearing people talking about Skinny Puppy and how they went on tour with Ministry. So I bought "Rabies" and I loved it. I got into sampling and I don't know how many tape recorders I went through after that. I got drunk and stole this tiny Casio keyboard from this chicks house (she didn't know what to do with it). Then I bought an AKAI keyboard for 25 bucks from this lesbian who kept it in a closet. I never learned to play the keyboard either, I just liked the weird sounds it could make. So, with all this random shit I started recording through one of those little desktop recorders and was amazed with what I heard. It was ugly and disturbing...I sampled me hitting myself and ripping my flesh for the snare drums and punching walls for bass drums and I mixed punk rock style guitars with eerie keyboards. My friend Joe and I formed a project called Two Minutes Hate (the name came from the book 1984). Back then we were all too fucked up to get things done, get songs written or even get along. So I dropped out. By that time I had joined a punk band from Woodland called Societies Disease. It was basically a skate rock punk thing. We barely practiced, mostly got drunk and skated. We played one show (with me on vocals) in Woodland at a bar called Browns Corner with 2 other bands from Sacramento-a goth band called Shadow Play and The Groovie Ghoulies. All I remember was slipping on beer and puke. Then I ended up quitting because the band never wanted to be serious. I then moved to Sacramento and got a job. I aquired (better) equipment: a keyboard, a 4 track, a drum machine, effects processors, a bass and I pretty much started making music by myself but something was always missing....until now!"
Equipment currently abused by Bloodstain:
Boss DR5 drum machine, Yamaha PSR270 keyboard, Ibanez Joe Satriani guitar, Peavey International bass guitar, Genesis 1 effects processor, DOD effects processor, Behringer mixer, DOD graphic equalizer, Korg EA1 Electribe Analog Tweak Box synthesizer, Yamaha synthesizer, Boss 303 sampler, D'addario guitar strings, Ibanez distortion pedal, Ernie Ball super slinky bass strings, A Korg Trinity (for one day) and a Sony minicassette recorder.
Nirvana, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Sisters of Mercy, and of course Ministry!
Bloodstain Prototype made on November 18th 1980
Manufactured in Sacramento California
Favorite movies:
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series (especially part 2), Tetsuo: The Iron Man, American Psycho, Akira, Escape from New York, Robo Cop, 60% of Troma movies and the Hellraiser series.