Reclamation video

Compilation video from On the Y show 9/12/08

Reclamation live at Redemption

Conscience live at Redemption

The Book of Lies live compliation video

Ill Disposed, performed live at On the Y 9/29/07

Generation Nowhere performed live at On the Y, 8/25/07

"Point the Finger" performed live at The Capitol Garage, Sacramento Ca.

"Bleeding to Death" performed live at The Capitol Garage, Sacramento Ca.

"I hate your guts" performed live at Club Silk 2, Sacramento Ca. Filmed by Jef, edited by Ian Black.

"The Zombie Swagger" performed live at Club 21, October 12th, 2006

"I dream in Red" video filmed by Ian Daemon Black, Bloodstain and Veroneca Williams in Sacramento Ca. Edited by Ian Black.

"Guillotine Mouth" Performed live at Club Noir at the Press Club, Downtown Sacramento, 3/29/2006. Filmed by Tori, edited by Ian Black.

"Technologikal Homicide" video, set created and filmed by Jef G., edited by Ian Black.

"Cursed" slideshow, edited by Ian Black.

"This was your life" performed live at Rapture at Club 21, Sacramento Ca. Filmed by Teri Hayner, edited by Ian Black.