symphony of sickness


This is an ever growing list of people that have been cool to us, kick ass bands we've done shows with and just generally awesome people!

(in no particular order)

Shannon Forrester, Vanessa Silva, Arlena Pullen, Doug Simon, De'Nise Moseley, Karen and Jim Moseley, Miloslawa Stepien, Sharon Graham, Willie Carter, Tony Naples, Rochelle Bowman, Duane and Kelly Walton and Highlander, Pam and Randy Forrester, Donna Forrester, Chad Forrester, Sean Ferguson, Adam Roberts, Cheryl Roberts, Rick Freund a.k.a Dick Strangler and the Hill Street Stranglers, Maja Dale, Ikbal and Danielle Samsoudine, Kennethfuckinghoffman and Knife Thru Head, Priscilla and Bearded Lady Buttons, Bill (Jetrock Fuckblast), Dire, Scott, Nix and everyone in Uberkunst, Filthy Bill Henderson and Big Frank at Folsom City Ink, Jed Drotar & V38, Mika Whitfield McFly photo, Aaron, JaQ Violet, Andrew from Club Rapture, The awesome bartenders from Rapture and Faces, Grant, Jandy and Corey at On the Y, Shadow & Chemical Angel, Jessica Friesen, Teri Hayner, Josh Taylor, Royal Graphics, Bill at Sporting Image, Eddie Threat and Viktim, Dean Scott, Josh and Razorblade Monalisa, Jef G., T.V. from Hanford, Sherimabear Loverin, Roni Jones, Shannon MacEntire, Andrea and Chris Vanderpol, Tonette Emery, Kim Rojas, J. Hunter, Holly Conger, Britta Johnson, Katie Johnson, Chris Greene, Miranda, cousin GiGi, Nil and The Kunst Conspiracy, Heidi Williams, Kendaru, Shaun Moffit, DJ Rob Dogg at KDVS 90.3 FM radio, DJ Keyz, Nurse Shawna, The Toddster(hey 666 boy, you suck suck suck!), Cisco, Daemon Leviathan Forrester, Lillith and Edward, Ashley and Anguidara, Adam the Savior, Roderick the Mad Catter, Jovan Loveless, Heather Brady a.k.a Ms. Kate Cutless, Jamie, The dudes from Blownload/Razing Eden/The Cock Diesel, Miguel a.k.a DJ Blix, Skip Moriairty and Rock America, Veroneca Williams, Ryan Booth-Eye Q, Mikey San, Montana and Sith Entertainment, Psycho Kitty, DeathRay and Penny Circus, Jordan a.k.a Siren....the list will keep growing.....